This is an article (thought) from by book Mister Knuckles Martial Thoughts:

Without fear there can be no courage. They are intertwined. Brothers!

No man is born without fear. It is whether he lets fear dictate to him if he will be remembered as a brave man, a coward or not at all.

Nobody likes to be afraid yet it is part of our daily lives. It is a constant battle to keep our fears in check. When fear rears its ugly head there is a little spark deep inside that wants to sever the head from the beast. This little spark is called courage. You can either smother the newborn flame, or with some effort, throw big logs on it to create an unstoppable inferno.

This is a choice everyone has to make. Will you fade into the background and be forgotten or will you step up on the mantle and be remembered forever?

Courage in the ring-davidandgoliath

No man ever achieved great things by being mediocre. Men achieve greatness by going against their fears and doing what other men are not prepared to do. This is how you go down in history. This is how a hero is born.

When it comes to courage there can be no half measures. No one ever heard of a ‘half-brave’ man. Why? Because half-brave men are dead. Courage calls for all or nothing. You must throw caution to the wind and forget about the outcome. The future will take care of itself. If you are fearful of ‘what might happen’ it is better to stay hiding behind the wall. Being only brave enough to stick your head around the corner will only get it shot off your shoulders. You must step around the corner and charge down against all odds. This is courage!

When you are in the ring facing an opponent of formidable stature and strong mind you have only one route to victory. And that route is through him.

Running away will get you hurt and even worse – remembered as a coward in the face of adversity.

Trying to put on a brave face and throwing techniques with only half a heart is only going to set you up for serious injury. It is in half-hearted attempts that your opponent realizes that you are weak and will take full advantage of your flaws.

Courage in the ring-DavidandGoliathBox

You must go in against all odds with belief in yourself and in your techniques. You must have no thought of ‘what might happen’. By doing this you are set to be the talk of the town no matter what the outcome. You will either go in and break your opponent down with your ferocity and scare him into submission, or you will go down battered and bruised yourself. This is the chance every fighter knows they take when stepping into the ring. Even against a formidable opponent you should never back down. Even when you have hit the canvas you should still stand. Every time he steps forward you should step forward twice. Every technique he throws your way you should throw back harder. Never say die! Indomitable spirit! This way – win or lose – you will be remembered as a fighter. You will win the respect of your opponent and the crowds, even in defeat. If you are in there make the most of it.

It takes a lot to get the fire of courage burning – be sure as hell your opponent will not put it out.

Apply this in your life and you will be unstoppable.