We all have hopes and dreams. But what are hopes and dreams? To most, they are just that – cloudy imaginings lying dormant somewhere in the back of our minds.

We fall into the rat race and the rules that society has made for us – four walls around us and a map that has been laid out for us to follow – carbon copies of each other. Even people that seem so different are actually exactly the same. Few people ever break the mold. The one’s that do are looked at as though they are alien beings. Society will either ostracize or belittle them until they give up, or, for the ones who refuse to have their dreams dashed, be looked at in awe – anomalies in the standardized world.

Hopes and Dreams-dreams

It is the people who step off the production line that become noticed. At first the manufacturers try to get them back on the conveyer belt, but when all fails and they are left to run free, they create their own success and greatness. They inspire the dreams of those passing by on the production line, but alas; for the great majority the thought of stepping off the line is just too frightening. People become so conditioned to the structure laid out for them that straying off the path seems ludicrous. What will people say? What will people think? What if we fail?

“Come on now, it’s time to grow up.”, “That’s ridiculous! You need to start thinking about the future.”, “Over my dead body! I’ll never allow it!”, “That’s not what life is about.”

Hopes and Dreams-hope

Many don’t like it when they see someone breaking free and living their dream. It reminds them that they have not been in control of their own lives. It is a reminder that they could have been something different or accomplished something meaningful. Jealousy and negative commentary often follow dream livers.

Others are inspired by the lives of the “different”. It creates for more powerful dreams, but this only helps if they have the guts to jump off the line and create a reality from it.

People look for ways to break from reality. “I need a holiday.”, “I wish I could just run away.” This is the wrong idea! We should be in control – creating our own destinies. We should be enjoying and experiencing our lives – why would we want a break from living our greatest dreams?

We all live our own lives and die with our own thoughts so there is no point in reaching to somebody else’s ideal for us. One day when we are old and grey lying on our death bed will we look back with regrets and unfulfilled wants and needs, or will we die fulfilled knowing that we accomplished everything and did everything that our hearts told us to?

We shouldn’t be afraid of going after our dreams. We shouldn’t fear being noticed. We need to reach our own aspirations, not somebody else’s. Make it happen!