If you want to win, you need to put in more than the “other guy”.

It’s not enough to THINK that you’re a fighter. It’s not enough to THINK that you’re better. You need to BE a fighter. You need to BE better. You need to HAVE the dream. You need to HAVE the desire. You need to HAVE the will to make it into a physical reality.

When you’re taking that rest day because you deserve it, the “other guy” is busy sweating and burning.

When you’re catching that extra hour of sleep, the “other guy” is busy busting his gut.

When you’re going at half-pace because you’re not in the mood, the “other guy” is busy ripping it up.If You Want To Win-Ali

When you’re out partying and drinking, the “other guy” is busy recovering and keeping his body clean.
When you’re lying on the mat broken and bloody and bruised with blurred vision and a deafening in the ears, the “other guy” is busy looming over you.

And then you wake from this nightmare and realize that it is you standing. It is you looming over this poor, un-fortuitous soul. You realize now that you are the “other guy” and who is going to have it in them to put in in more and throw you from your throne? NOBODY! Because you HAVE the dream. You HAVE the desire. You HAVE the will. And until this is gone, there is nobody who can put in more.