If you want to get the most out of your martial art, you need to immerse yourself in your training. What many don’t realize is that in order to do this you must also involve yourself in in your club. This makes it far easier to swim with the big fish.

There will always be those who ostracize themselves from the club and their community (association), and in so doing, are unwittingly doing their training an injustice. Students who remain this way will never realize the true benefits of training within it. Martial arts are more than just an aerobics class at the local gym.

Martial arts are a way of life. In order to get ahead you must surround yourself with like-minded individuals. If you are surrounded by people who are eager and passionate about their martial art, then it helps to lift you to another level. You are all there to motivate and push each other. Even people of completely different backgrounds and outlooks can be united through this common interest.

Immerse yourself-like minded

By becoming involved, your fellow club members become like a family. You become a part of something bigger – a community – something that is very much lacking in today’s society.

By immersing yourself you will also learn something about loyalty – loyalty to your fellow students, club, association and martial art. Loyalty is something that should be prevalent in martial arts, and yet today it seems worth little more than a penny. Uninvolved students will often be flitting around and always looking for the next best thing instead of drawing from the strengths of their club and what is probably already right in front of them within their own community.

Immerse yourself-Club

I am still of the old belief that you should specialize. Become an expert in your field, in this case, martial art. Most often, an easy way to do this is to align yourself with like-minded people going in the same direction as you. Find a club where you can truly belong. It is rare that a “Jack of all trades” becomes well recognized and known to all.

To really belong and become great, immerse yourself in your interest and find yourself a school of fish that you can eagerly swim with.