At this time of year there are various religious celebrations, including: Easter (Christian), Pesach (Jewish), Theravada (Buddhist New Year), and Hanuman Jayanti (Hindu).

While people may, or may not, be celebrating religious festivals it is good for everybody to get into the spirit of things going on around them. There are certain times of year when there seems to be a friendlier and more positive feeling between people and with the activities that they perform. We need to take advantage of these positive vibes.

Many martial artists who start the year off with a bang may have started to lose sight of the direction they were planning to head in by now. The initial enthusiasm we have towards the goals we have set for ourselves may have begun to wane (perhaps our New Years resolutions?). The monotony of working to reach new heights may be wearing down on us. This is a good time to get into the feeling and theme of things. Religions are celebrating new life, freedom, positive and active energy. Perhaps we should apply these themes to our training – give ourselves that booster shot that we may be craving – the adrenaline injection to keep us on our way.

Take this time to review your goals. Are you still on track with what you want to accomplish, or have you given up? It’s time to take stock and reawaken our dreams. Keep putting one foot in front of the other. Anything worth having is costly – in training we pay with our blood, sweat and tears. Nobody said achieving our goals would be easy – and if they were easy, where would be the fun?

Don’t lose sight! Keep that fire lit. Throw on a few logs if it’s needed and forge on.

Happy Easter!