Every time I visit a martial arts website or facebook page I see a bunch of insulting comments from “trolls” and everybody joins into the fray, often becoming mindless, numb morons themselves.

Keyboard Warriors-keep calmI have found that martial arts “trolls” are low level nobodies with next to no experience in either martial arts, or life. They are big mouths and have strong opinions that they are happy to defend from behind the safety of their keyboards and screens. They are there to stir the pot and offer baseless, unfounded opinions. Nothing more!
I agree that not everybody will see eye to eye on matters regarding martial arts and would like to have their opinions heard, but throwing out random insults is really hitting a pathetic low. If you think differently, give your opinion but back it up with why you think that way, not just “(Enter the name of your martial art here) is shit!”, or something to the like. There is a difference between brainless arguing and debating.

Personally, I made a pact years ago to keep out of petty martial arts arguments. There is no convincing closed minded fools of anything outside of their limited perspective. I believe that the proof is in the pudding. Keyboard Warriors-Turning kickAny energy wasted on typing negative nonsense can be better spent on positive gains in training. While the keyboard warriors get fat and stupid, I get stronger and more skilled, thus, making me better at my chosen martial art while they become even more of a disgrace to theirs – if they even do martial arts in the first place.

I appeal to any real martial artists to keep out of these frays. Let the scavengers fight for the scraps among themselves while the lions eat the feast.