Over the years I have seen “stable” people’s lives fall apart overnight. We are all human, and every one of us goes through hard times, but going through a rough patch does not give us permission to destroy ourselves.

There has to be balance in our lives. I think that balance is something that is lacking in many of our lives and in society as a whole. Many people put too much emphasis on only one aspect in their lives – if that falters, they perceive their lives’ as being over. When there is an imbalance and there is a problem in one sphere, the rest all seems to crumble along with it.

When there is balance and something goes wrong, the strong foundations in our other spheres of life should be strong enough to hold up the walls until that crumbling sphere can be rebuilt.

Martial Arts Anchor-tethered boat

There are various things in life that can help us to create balance and build strong foundations. It is up to each individual to seek out and maintain certain constants, that no matter what happens in life, they always have these things to hold onto. It is like a tether holding a boat close to shore. The boat may drift of a bit, but it cannot be dragged out to sea and become lost forever.

Some people may turn to religion, others work, or maybe a combination of the two. What I have found to be a great tether that has never let me stray too far is my martial arts training. It is something that has always made me able to keep perspective and has never let me down. It offers structure and discipline which spills over into all aspects of life and is one of the things that I find creates a strong foundation to keep my house of life upright. No matter what is going wrong, or right, in my life I always have my martial arts. It is an anchor to which I hold onto dearly.

Martial Arts Anchor-students clouds

If you’re going to walk off the path for a while, keep one hand on the railing. Why not let that railing be martial arts?