People often ask me who should learn self-defence. The answer is: EVERYONE.

Not everybody wants to take up martial arts or commit themselves to weekly classes, but still want to learn how to defend themselves. An alternative option to taking up martial arts is signing up for a self-defence course. A basic self-defence course can be completed in a day, so it should be within the grasp of anyone’s time schedule. Of course, the edge in taking up a martial art over a self-defence course comes in the forms of repetition and reinforcement. A course can show you the basics, but it is then solely upon you to practice and apply the principles that have been taught. With a bit of diligence, though, this is easily accomplished.

Self-Defence - Who should learn it-Lady Knife handOne of the key factors of effective self-defence is gaining knowledge. The more knowledge and understanding you have of your own body and mind, and that of your assailants, in a self-defence scenario, the better prepared you will be to deal with the situation. Knowledge and preparation can give you the edge over an assailant.Much of the time a violent aggressor relies on a victims surprise to overcome them. If you cannot be surprised and have the “know how” to deal with a violent or potentially violent situation, then you are half way there. A good course will also teach you how to defend yourself against ending up in a potentially life-threatening situation. Much of self-defence is not ending up in the situation in the first place.

Many people have a misconception about self-defence. They like to make the issue seem insignificant and like to feel comfortable and content in their ignorance. It is always somebody else who is attacked or raped or murdered, until it isn’t. Violent crime is a very real and scary reality that should not be brushed aside and ignored. It should be acknowledged, and every person should take the initiative and time to properly prepare for the worst case scenario.

Many think that survival boils down to luck, but this is not the case. The average Joe does not understand the science and psychology that pertains to successful self-defence. The more knowledge and the better prepared you are, the greater your odds of coming out the other side in one piece.

In the end you are responsible for your own safety. The government, police and security are not there when the situation is at hand. Don’t be blinded by this false sense of security. They are only there to say “Sorry!” after the fact. Again, I say, YOU are responsible for your own safety.

“If only I had a gun”. This is an example of a rubbish statement. The gun does not protect you. It does not defend you. YOU defend yourself. The gun is just a tool that you may use in the situation. If you do not have the knowledge and have not trained the mindset a gun, knife, mace, or any other weapon is useless, and even dangerous to you.

Self-Defence - Who should learn it-Knife_robberThe reality is, self-defence is dirty. It is ugly and scary. There is absolutely nothing glamorous about it. Doing a reputable course will make you come to a few realisations about being in violent situations, how to best deal with them, and most of all how to avoid the conflict in the first place.

Victims always ask, “Why me?” after the fact, instead of being proactive and turning themselves into less of a target. Doing a self-defence course after being attacked doesn’t solve the problem that has already occurred. Why does something bad need to happen before a person will acknowledge that there is a problem? KNOWLEDGE and PREPARATION give CONFIDENCE. With these three things you are well on your way to self-defence excellence.

Learn how to defend yourself!