Taekwon-Do for Adults

By | June 9th, 2016|Room for thought|

A topic came up the other night that is fitting for some of my thoughts in this article. In this day and age, martial arts are no longer martial arts. This is very true when it comes to Taekwon-Do. It has become increasingly difficult to find a school that teaches and practices traditional Taekwon-Do in [...]

Self-defence: Who should learn it?

By | June 5th, 2014|Room for thought|

People often ask me who should learn self-defence. The answer is: EVERYONE. Not everybody wants to take up martial arts or commit themselves to weekly classes, but still want to learn how to defend themselves. An alternative option to taking up martial arts is signing up for a self-defence course. A basic self-defence course can [...]

Martial artist or combat sportsman?

By | November 1st, 2013|Room for thought|

I find that today many people call themselves martial artists, when in fact they are combat sportsmen. For some reason they get upset when you tell them this. It is not, or shouldn’t be construed as an insult. There is a lot of athleticism and hard work that goes into becoming a combat sportsman. There [...]

Student Speech

By | June 20th, 2013|Room for thought|

As part of our Taekwon-Do grading syllabus, to grade from Red belt to Black tip students are required to do a speech on anything relating to Taekwon-Do. Three of my students successfully graded to Black tip recently. I will share each of their short speeches over the next few days as I get them in [...]

Repetition Repetition Repetition

By | April 19th, 2012|Training|

Repetition is vital in martial arts training. Repetition of movement teaches your body how you want it to react in a stressful situation without having to think in the moment. The time it takes in order to think when split seconds count could be the difference between life and death. If you have to take [...]