Taekwon-Do for Adults

A topic came up the other night that is fitting for some of my thoughts in this article. In this day and age, martial arts are no longer martial arts. This is very true when it comes to Taekwon-Do. It has become increasingly difficult to find a school that teaches and practices traditional Taekwon-Do in [...]

Olympics are Bad for ITF Taekwon-Do

I keep hearing of talks between the various ITF bodies and WTF. Some speculate on the joining of the two organizations, others about competing in the Olympics “together”. There are meetings and pieces of paper signed that actually say absolutely nothing. There are those that will agree or disagree, but I think that talks about [...]

Martial artist or combat sportsman?

I find that today many people call themselves martial artists, when in fact they are combat sportsmen. For some reason they get upset when you tell them this. It is not, or shouldn’t be construed as an insult. There is a lot of athleticism and hard work that goes into becoming a combat sportsman. There [...]

Pick and Choose?

I get potential students coming into the club who don’t really seem to be interested in the martial art as a whole. They would prefer to pick and choose what they will and won’t do in a class. “Do I have to wear a dobok (training outfit)?”, “I don’t like sparring so can I sit [...]

Diamond in the rough?

One day, not so long ago, a guild of jewelers came together. A couple of them had prepared a presentation on the benefits of using rough diamonds in their jewelry instead of cut ones. They went about the task of convincing the other jewelers that they were correct in this approach. In the end about [...]