The white belt is often discarded as being unimportant. It is the lowest belt in the martial arts hierarchy and students are generally in a big hurry to leave the starkness of it behind.

Students want to avoid being looked at as the newbie and the person with the least experience in the martial art, but this is the wrong attitude to have towards the beginner stage of the martial arts journey. The experiences and lessons learned at white belt will often set the tone for rest of your martial arts life.

Yes, the white belt worn by the beginner student signifies innocence and purity in the martial art, but it also stands for a lot more. It represents a decision to embark on something new, a promise to yourself to commit, learn and become disciplined in your actions. It is about inviting in new experiences in an unknown environment and having the courage to step out of your comfort zone. Most of all, it is about humility.

The white belt is, in many ways, more important than any other. Students should not be in a rush to move beyond white belt too soon – ample time should be spent on the belt to receive the full benefits and lessons that it offers. Martial arts training is not just about the physical side but the mental, too, and white belt will often be more about mental training and adjustment than building up physical capability.

The white belt should be worn with pride!

Enjoy the journey!