There were once three friends who decided it would be a great idea to buy boats. They decided on inflatable rubber dinghies. Once bought, quite obviously, they wanted to put them to use.

They decided to go on a camping trip at one of the great lakes. On the evening of their arrival they pumped up their new boat, and with great excitement, spoke about getting to the cove on the other side of the lake. The following morning off went their alarm clocks. Up they rose and went out to their boats.

Once outside the first friend looked around and decided he was still tired. It was still dark out and he could do with a couple more hours of sleep. The thought of pushing the boat into the cold water was just too much. “I’ll catch up with you guys a bit later”. His friends tried to encourage and persuade him to come along, but in the end he returned to the comfort of his tent.

The three boats-boats

The other two put on their life vests and pushed their boats into the water. They got their bearings, picked up their oars and started to row.

A short while later the second friend’s arms began to tire. He decided that he would rather wait for and rely on a strong gust of wind or current to push him along. All of this rowing was really just too much. He called to his friend, “I’ll just wait for the wind or the currents to come up. I’ll catch up with you in a bit”. His friend tried to encourage and persuade him to keep on rowing, but in the end it was of no use.

The third friend pushed on. He hadn’t realized how far the other side of the lake actually was. His arms and shoulders were burning and he wanted to give up and go home. In his minds eye he had a vision of the beauty of the cove, and so he pushed on. Eventually, after much struggle, he reached the cove. Nothing could have prepared him for what he saw. It was magnificent! It was more beautiful than he could ever have imagined.

He took up his binoculars and decided to check on his friends. Way on the other side of the lake, his first friend could be seen sitting on his camping chair next to his boat sleeping. He hadn’t even left the campsite.

He scanned the lake and found his second friend. He was way off course and could be seen looking around frantically. His boat was just blowing around the lake and being pushed from current to current.

He felt bad for his friends missing out on this, but then he adjusted his eyes and looked around him. He took in all the beauty and awe. What an accomplishment! What a feeling! Not many people could have seen or been where he was now due to the difficulty in reaching the place. He took a deep breath and sat back. Far off to right of the lake he could see a small island. “Tomorrow I will go to the island”, he said.