Before getting to the nitty gritty of this subject it is important to identify certain characteristics within yourself. Once these traits have been identified it will be easier to understand and explain how hard and consistent training face off with each other, and how they can coexist.

I generally find students can fit into four categories; the struck match, the bouncing ball, the kite and the eagle. Sometimes these categories can overlap and mix, but students can generally fall into one alone.

The struck match:

The struck match is the overenthusiastic student who lights up quickly. He burns fast and bright, but soon the fast lit flame fizzles out and dies a smoky death. The flame could not burn long enough to ignite the long burning wood so necessary to keep the house warm at night. This student throws in so much effort and “hard” training at the outset that he burns out and is never seen or heard from again.

The bouncing ball:

Training Hard vs Training Consistently-bouncingballThe bouncing ball is the student who puts in so much effort to get up, and at his height, comes crashing all the way back down. When he hits the ground, small cracks begin to appear. He bounces back up, nonetheless. The cracks get bigger, his bounces become lower and the direction he bounces in becomes unpredictable. Eventually he breaks in two. This student jumps in with gusto, loses momentum, hits the ground and becomes injured, he tries again and again until he is no more.

The Kite:

Training Hard vs Training Consistently-kiteThe kite is the student who seems unassuming at first glance. There is no fanfare when a kite is launched into the air – it’s just a gentle push into the breeze. It gradually builds confidence as it finds the right currents and ascends into the air. It can be seen flying for miles around. Up it stays with seeming ease, as though there is no effort involved in keeping afloat. The kite enjoys the journey without attracting too much attention to itself. He flies proficiently, but without the all of the flare. It can stay up in the air indefinitely, rising and falling with the wind.

The Eagle:

Training Hard vs Training Consistently-soaringeagleThe eagle is the student that people automatically notice for his flare, proficiency and dedication. The eagle takes to the air with a great show. He ripples his muscles as he flaps his wings and takes to the skies. There is much energy expended to lift off, but he soon finds the updrafts and can soar easily to great heights. He can glide for hours at a time catching the currents at will. He can adjust his height with ease at the mere tilt of a wing, and when necessary fly even higher with a few mighty flaps.
Which of these do you consider yourself to be? Consider these options and be honest with yourself.

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