What is intention? It is having purpose behind what we are doing – a clear vision of what we are going to achieve and the necessary belief and effort thrown in to make it a reality.

In martial arts having intention behind your techniques is of utmost importance. Without that sense of purpose the techniques are practically useless.What is your intention-tilebreak

How do we develop intent? We develop intent through training – body and mind. Training gives us skill and confidence. With confidence we gain belief in our techniques. With belief in our techniques we realize the true capability of there destructive force. In our minds eye we can effectively and realistically picture what it is we want to achieve as the end result. So we throw our techniques with purpose and the belief that we will achieve what we have pictured in our heads. What ever our mind perceives can be turned into a reality.


What is your intention-sparring1The layman in the street can’t imagine breaking bricks, boards and concrete. It is unnatural for an untrained person to imagine doing these things, and yet we do it all the time. Because people have so much difficulty believing these things are possible they are either completely taken aback when they see it done, or they want to know “What is the trick?” There is no trick if you train and believe in what you are doing. It often turns into a game of mind over matter. We take this same principle and apply it in self-defense situations. The same intent we use for breaking bricks, we must use against our assailants – breaking their bones, destroying their organs and shattering any hope they may have of doing us harm. As the late, great boxing trainer Cus D’Amato would say – you have to hit with “bad intentions”.