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All of us have bad days where everything seems to be a chore. We lack enthusiasm and motivation. There just seems to be no end and no point to what we are doing. The negative mindset creeps in and even the sunniest of day’s takes on a gloomy atmosphere.
There are many things that may cause this bleak outlook but I can generally attribute it to one of, or a combination of three things.
1. Lack of sleep.
2. Lack of food
3. Lack of exercise
I have often been compared to a little child when it comes to this, but I prefer the comparison to a champion racehorse. I am sure it is the same with many others. My best, most productive, positive days are when I have had sufficient sleep, eaten nutritious, timely meals and exercised.
Eat, sleep, exercise. Try to make these things a part of your daily routine and see how positivity flows and productivity soars.