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I tell my students that class time is for learning and practice happens at home. Many tell me that they just don’t have the time, but to me this just an excuse. A student who is truly interested will make the time. Let me explain further…

Ideally, a student will set aside an allotted amount of time to fit in some practice, but that is not entirely necessary. A student’s practice and various exercises can be spread throughout the day, even in conjunction with performing other tasks. Students have often heard me say, “If someone has time to go to the bathroom, it means they have time to train.” My point being that you can train anywhere, anytime, anyplace, doing anything. There is always something that can be done.

Collecting Pennies-pennies

Create habits so that you don’t even realize you are training as you go about your daily business. Practice techniques and stances as you go about the house doing you regular activities instead of just walking. Use feet to switch lights on and off, flush toilets and open doors. When next to a wall, tap your knuckles on it as you go along, knock forearms along banisters, hit trees while out for a walk and hold your kicks out while waiting for your toast to pop up. There are so many ways, just use your imagination.

It is never a waste even if only for a few seconds here and there. I tell my students it is like collecting pennies. It all adds up. Spread through the day you have got a whole lot of training in without even realizing it. This is what makes all of the difference.

Collecting Pennies-Training outside

If you have passion for what you do, it will always be on your mind. Don’t leave it at the class – that is where you learn. Home (or anywhere else) is where you practice. Make the world your Dojang/Dojo.

Fun exercise: I can’t remember where we picked this up, but it is something my brother and I used to do.
– Pick an exercise or technique
– Pick a moderately used word
– Watch T.V.
While watching T.V, any time you hear the word you chose you have to jump up and perform the exercise/technique before sitting down again. Helpful hint: Don’t pick a word that is too common or you will not be able to get up off the couch after a little while.