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One day, not so long ago, a guild of jewelers came together. A couple of them had prepared a presentation on the benefits of using rough diamonds in their jewelry instead of cut ones. They went about the task of convincing the other jewelers that they were correct in this approach. In the end about 90% of the jewelers had been convinced, including many of the old, well respected ones who were well known for their skills. And so, the majority adopted this approach and sold the benefits of it to their customers who gladly ate it up. Given this trend there became so many rough, ugly stones on people’s fingers that it seemed to be the norm.  After a while it became difficult to spot a person wearing a polished diamond – and when one was seen, the wearer was mocked and ridiculed about how stupid they were being. Bending to pressure, many bowed out and traded in for this new ‘fashion’. Sparkling diamonds became so rare that most didn’t even know what they looked like anymore.

One day a man decided to purchase a ring for his soon to be fiancé. He went to the jeweler where he was told that buying a clear, sparkling, cut and polished diamond would be a waste and that a rough, dirty stone is just the same. “In fact, it is even better because it doesn’t have to go through all of the unnecessary processes that cut diamonds go through. It can just be mounted onto the band straight from the ground”. The man is unsure, but is eventually convinced by the jeweler, just as the jeweler has convinced so many others before him. After all, a diamond is a diamond – it doesn’t matter if it is polished or not.

On his way home the man with the rough stone trips and falls – the diamond comes loose and is lost in the dirt. After scrounging around through all the rocks and pebbles he cannot tell which one is the diamond. He picks up a stone of similar look and size and thinks to himself, “A diamond is just a stone after all. It really make’s no difference!” Shrugging his shoulders, he moves on without a second thought.

Diamond in the rough-diamondcutA while later a lady comes’ walking along with a sparkling, polished diamond. She trips in the same place as the man before her. Her stone comes loose too and she falls into a panic – how ever will she find it. She briefly looks around and notices a sparkle in the gravel. She picks up her stone, dusts it off and thinks, “I’m so glad my stone is so shiny and beautiful. I could easily spot it from anywhere, especially among all of these ugly rocks.” And so she walked on head up and smiling.

The woman’s diamond stood out among all of the other stones on the ground due to the time and effort that was put into creating it. After ages of cutting and polishing, its bedazzling glint was unmistakable. Because there were no shortcuts taken and the necessary time and effort were put in the lady was able to see what was of true beauty and value, even among all the other stones. Her diamond would truly last and be recognized forever. Even though it may fall on the ground and get a bit dusty at times, it will still stand out among all of the other rocks and pebbles – just like a traditional martial artist will stand out among the rest.