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Over the years I’ve been told that I can be quite insulting and rude when it comes to my opinion on various martial arts, including my own. Under the advice of, perhaps, more level headed individuals, I have become a little more diplomatic when it comes to expressing myself to the various martial artists I have interactions with, but to be honest, I don’t see why I should be.

Insulting-weird1It seems to be fine for other martial artists to point out all of their perceived shortfalls in my martial art, so why is it so wrong when I point out the things that I don’t like about theirs? People are shallow minded creatures! They are only happy and “like” you as long as you are agreeing with them and paying them compliments. You say one thing that they perceive as an insult, and that’s it – you’re written off for life.

For example, I often have debates that can become quite heated with MMA practitioners. Yes, I have had a bit to say about them in the past, and likewise, they have had their go at me, but I have also had a lot of good to say about them! Amazing how all of the good is forgotten as soon as they hear one thing that they don’t like.

Insulting-jiu-jitsu1The fact is, everything and everyone has shortcomings. If we take such offence every time somebody disagrees with us on something, we will have very few friends indeed. I like to hear what others have to say about what I do, insulting or not. But don’t get pissed off when I say something “bad” about what you do.

Insulting-cryinggirl1I always say that I’m a fan of all martial arts, but that doesn’t mean I think that everything about all of them is great. Take the good with the bad. For every insult I throw out, there are probably ten positive things I can say.

Being so sensitive is for little school girls.