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Taking up martial arts is about investing in yourself. Enrolling your kids in martial arts is about investing in them. Either way, I really think that it is one of the most important investments a person can make.

Most people have a deluded idea about what martial arts are about. It is often seen from a superficial level. It is seen as something fun to do, an extramural sport to play, a social gathering, a place to drop the kids for a bit, or a business to get into. Yes, it can be all of these things, but taking up martial arts should not be limited to just that. So much more is offered in legitimate martial arts training. Training in martial arts changes and improves lives. It contributes to positive physical and mental well-being, and through training , so many life lessons and skills are learnt. It teaches people about themselves in a way that nothing else can. In my opinion, it is one of the greatest character building experiences available.

Martial arts should not be viewed as just another activity to try. It is something that requires dedication and commitment and in return for these, huge personal benefits are gained. The martial art becomes a lifestyle. The physical training helps to influence and build the way which is the backbone of traditional martial arts and can influence society itself, one person at a time.

The monetary price paid for training in a legitimate, traditional martial art is far outweighed by the benefits gained. They are priceless! Invest in yourself wisely!