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This has been a very busy year for me so far even though it is only February. I have so many plans for so many things and am adamant that I will achieve every one of my goals.

A really big thing for me has been the decision to move to Canada. The whole experience so far has reminded me of what it felt like to be a white belt all those years ago. It brought to mind some of the feelings that beginners may go through when they start a martial arts journey.

In a nutshell, it starts as an idea and turns into a dream and a vision. The initial inquiry happens and a brief reality hits. For many, this is where the dream ends and it goes no further. For others, they go ahead and make that step to visit a class. There is often excitement at this point. Based on that experience they will form an opinion based on their own perception. This is the point where a decision must be made. Do I start, or not. Those that carry on, come back. This is where there is often a feeling of excitement and anxiety. A fear of the unknown on a long journey. There is a bit of bumbling and stumbling at first as the new student finds his feet. Many will feel out of place and feel lost in this unknown territory. They will miss what they know and the comforts they have become accustomed to. Many will leave at this point. The one’s that stay will find their footing and learn to balance. They will ask for help and get direction where it is offered. They become a part of the custom and the culture of the club. Some will grow to high levels and will become leaders not only in their club, but in the martial art itself.

I am still in the initial stages of my move to Canada. I have already made my initial inquiries and joined the club. There is some anxiety and a fear of the unknown, but at the same time I know that I’ll be a huge success. I just need to go through the same process and trial by fire that I went through (and still am going through at times) in the martial arts. It’s just a matter of staying the course, applying yourself and having a positive focus that manifests into action. I’m looking forward to this new adventure!