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We find ourselves up to our necks in the middle of a lake. It takes some effort, but we learn to tread and stay afloat. From the center of the lake we can gaze in any direction we choose. We look around and see different shores around the lake. Some may appeal, others not. Eventually we learn to swim.

Some, however, choose not to swim. They just drift around and eventually the lake consumes them. Others drift around until eventually they are washed up on a shore – not of their choosing. Here they spend the rest of their days because that’s just the way it turned out and it’s the card they were dealt.

The lake shores-Wall

Others swim, but never reach a shore – as one is in sight, they change their minds and head off in search of another – destined to swim their entire life and never finding a shore that appeals, or is worth the extra effort to get to.

Others swim in the direction of the shore that the people closest decide to pull them towards. They have support on the long swim to this shore, and once on the shore, they will have a comfortable life because they have the support of those around them. They have not chosen this shore, but are comfortable and can be content with the surroundings they have found themselves in. There will also be those who have been dragged to a shore and are never content, but are too scared to leave because their surroundings have become comfortable.

The lake shores-Lake

Some will swim in the direction of the shore of their choosing – whether they are helped, or opposed along the way. They see appeal on a certain shore and swim towards it no matter what storms, currents and other swimmers get in their way. When they reach this shore they are happy to enjoy all that the shore may offer. It offers exactly what they want and have the opportunity to thrive.

The lake shores-Sidekick_lake

Once people find themselves on shore, they may be happy to stay there and bask in the sun. They are content – this is what they enjoy and feel fulfilled in where they are. Others, however, may think about going for a swim once more. Another shore may start to seem more appealing. A change of scenery may be in order. Some will keep one foot firmly planted on the shore for safety never actually setting out for the new destination, but always wondering what could be out there; others will dive in and go swimming – they may find themselves up on another shore; others may swim back to the shore from which they came; others may end up drowning, never reaching the new shore and unable to get back to the one from which they came.

Choose your shore carefully and when setting out, swim towards it with purpose. Have courage and swim confidently with belief.