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This is a question that I cannot stand. It is an age old question that has no answer and never will be answered. It is there to keep wannabe martial artists and keyboard warriors entertained in the wee hours of the night. There are just way to many factors to take into consideration – it is not as simple as taking people from different styles and pitting them against one another.

A better question would be: Which martial art is best for me?

Now you get people chiming in about height, stature and other physical attributes, and based on this you should take up a style that suits your body type. This is also rubbish in my opinion.

Which Martial Art is the Best-bruce vs chuckSo, what is my answer? It’s simple – the best martial art for you is the one you enjoy doing. You can take every factor into consideration and if you don’t enjoy it, it is all worthless to you. You will not excel in an art that you do not enjoy, no matter how “superior” it may be and no matter what your body type. You may find a person who, on paper, is perfectly suited to Judo, but he just hates being there. He takes up Taekwon-Do and loves it. Although he may never be the picture perfect practitioner, he will be better at it and get way more from it than the martial art he doesn’t find enjoyment in.

Which Martial Art is the Best-Enjoyment1

If you want to get the most out of your martial art, no matter the style, find enjoyment in it. Everything else is just opinions and hearsay. Your martial art should motivate you to train and be the best that you can be in it, so find one that inspires you.